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Bucket List


1. Hike Patagonia (Argentina/Chile)

2. Hike the Azores (Portugal) 

3. Gorilla Trekking (Rwanda)

4. Snow Leopard Tracking (India)

5. Camp at the Gates of Hell (Turkmenistan)

6. White Water Raft Nile River (Uganda)

7. Wild Chimp Trek (Tanzania)

8. Husky Safari (Finland)

9. Soak in Devils Pools (Zambia)

10. Climb Nyiragongo Volcano (DR Congo)

11. Kayak Quirimbas (Mozambique)

12. Serengeti Safari (Tanzania)

13. Climb Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)

14. Multi-day Felucca trip Nile (Egypt)

15. Kruger NP Safari (South Africa)

16. Shark Cage Diving (South Africa)

17. Canoe Safari Okavango Delta (Botswana)

18. Sahara Camel Safari (Morocco)

19. Tongariro Crossing (New Zealand)

20. Celebrate Holi in the Streets (India)

21. Simien Mountains Trek (Ethiopia)

22. Great Wall of China Hike (China)

23. Climb Mt Kinabalu (Borneo)

24. Reindeer Horse Trek (Mongolia)

25. Everest Base Camp Trek (Nepal)

26. White Water Rafting (Costa Rica)

27. Kayak Sea Safari (Philippines)

28. Scuba Diving Sipadan (Borneo)

29. Orangutan Trek (Indonesia)

30. Son Doong Cave Expedition (Vietnam)

31. Horse Trek The Caucasus (Georgia)

32. Overland through Tibet (China)

33. The Druk Path (Bhutan)

34. Overland Track (Tasmania)

35. Bush Camp Fraser Island (Australia)

36. Scuba Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

37. Drive Australia’s East Coast

38. Trolltunga Hike (Norway)

39. Raft the Upper Navua River (Fiji)

40. Kokoda Track Hike (Papua New Guinea)

41. Snorkel Jellyfish Lake (Palau)

42. Hike the Inca Trail (Peru)

43. Kayak San Juan Islands (USA)

44. Galapagos Islands Traverse (Ecuador)

45. Pantanal Expedition (Brazil)

46. Hike to Ciudad Perdida (Colombia)

47. Hike to Angel Falls (Venezuela)

48. Sail Komodo Islands (Indonesia)

49. Trek to Kaieteur Falls (Guyana)

50. Camp Uyuni Salt Flats (Bolivia)

51. Macaw Research Expedition (Peru)

52. Hang Gliding in Rio (Brazil)

53. Easter Island 3 Summits (Chile)

54. Raft the Zambezi River (Zimbabwe)

55. Ausangate Trek (Peru)

56. Churchill Polar Bear Expedition (Canada)

57. Kayaking Sea of Cortez (Mexico)

58. Wild West Cattle Drive (USA)

59. Hot Air Balloon Flight (Egypt)

60. Raft Shubenacadie Bore (Canada)

61. Kayak Clayoquot Sound (Canada)

62. Icefields Parkway Road Trip (Canada)

63. Spirit Bear Expedition (Canada)

64. See Narwhals in Nunavut (Canada)

65. Yukon Canoe Trip (Canada)

66. Chon Kyzyl Su Trek (Kyrgyzstan)

67. Hike Zion Narrows (USA)

68. Yosemite Grand Traverse (USA)

69. Alaska Bear Camp (USA)

70. Raft the Grand Canyon (USA)

71. Hike the Kalalau Trail (USA)

72. Bike Trip through Loire Valley (France)

73. Svalbard Expedition (Norway)

74. Great SW American Road Trip (USA)

75. Aerobatic Thrill Flight (USA)

76. Kayak the Apostle Islands (USA)

77. Camino de Santiago Hike (Spain)

78. Lemur Safari (Madagascar)

79. Sail the Coast of Croatia

80. Horse trekking (Ireland)

81. Trek the Tour du Mont Blanc (Switzerland)

82. Snorkel the Silfra Ridge (Iceland)

83. North Pole Expedition (Russia)

84. Andes Mountain Travesia (Argentina)

85. Fly a 1902 Wright Glider (USA)

86. Climb Skellig Michael (Ireland)

87. Arctic Circle Trail (Greenland)

88. Expedition to Antarctica

89. Expedition to South Georgia

90. Visit the Darien Gap (Panama)

91. Trek Petra Back Door (Jordan)

92. Franz Josef Islands Expedition (Russia)

93. Skydive Dubai (UAE)

94. Ring of Fire Trek (Guatemala)

95. Hike Dolomites Alta Via (Italy)

96. Northwest Passage Expedition

97. Hike the Milford Track (New Zealand)

98. Climb Mount Fuji (Japan)

99. Sail French Polynesia 

100. Trans Siberian Train (Russia)

What styles of cooking should your diners expect to find at this restaurant? Tell us more about the kitchen and the inner-workings of the dining experience.



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Who else works in the kitchen? Tell your viewers more about the chef's team. What does the cooking process look like?